Zephyr Green Coffee deals exclusively in the top .0002% of the global coffee crop, helicoptering hundreds of kilometers and scaling sheer cliffs hunting the rarest rarity, the nicest nanolot, the unprovideable varietal chopstick picked, palm frond dried and silk satchel shipped… Ok ok, we get it. Really, we get it: good coffee, responsibly grown, carefully sourced, affordably priced.

Lost in the wash of industry verbiage (see above) are a few concepts that guide our origination: quality, consistency and value. ZGC trades top coffees from all viable specialty origins, but we’ve streamlined the offerlist and focused. Fewer line items correspond directly to greater attention. Less is more.

Our supplier lineup includes single estates, smallholder cooperatives, government exchanges and, of course, our own origin operations. We travel consistently and have an especially strong network in terms of producer contact, traceability, access to volume, and preparation flexibility in origins where Louis Dreyfus maintains a presence. Please click on individual countries for details.

Although we lack origin presence in Decaflandia, our relationships with providers are good. We consistently maintain a diverse inventory of growths, sustainable certificates and, of course, decaffeination processes, carrying the full range from MC blends to Swiss Water® Process single origins. Please see our offerlist for what we have available and don’t hesitate to ask for something missing from the list … we’re sending green coffee for processing all the time.

Central America and Mexico
South America
East Africa