Sourcing partnerships all over the globe.

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Thinking ahead

Investing in the protection and regeneration of native flora and fauna.

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Supporting the vitalization of farming communities.

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Tendering a wide variety of specialty green coffee offerings.

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Dedicated to quality assurance across global sourcing operations.

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Sourcing specialty and sustainable green coffee for roasters worldwide.

Getting the right coffee from origin to roastery can be a complex journey. Zephyr Coffee Merchants provides roasters access to some of the finest coffee in the world while helping to make a positive impact on the lives of local growers.

We travel constantly and have a strong network of producer contacts, traceability, access to volumes and preparation flexibility from any origin imaginable. Simply put, Zephyr sources top coffees from specialty origins with a focus on quality, consistency and value.


Origins Spotlight: Indonesia

Indonesia’s mountainous and volcanic geography, with the equator at its epicenter and micro-climates within its interior, makes it an island well suited for growing coffee.

Product Spotlight: Decaf

A well-roasted, well-brewed cup of decaf made from specialty beans is now equivalent to drinking a regular cup of joe.