About Zephyr Coffee

Our Purpose

We connect roasters with distinctive coffees from talented producers all over the globe. Our goal is to add true value to every community involved in the coffee supply chain, including a commitment to sustainability.

We collaborate with local coffee producers, non-profits, and roasters to help us instill meaningful change in the communities and ecosystems that we interact with. Our connection to our origin sources and the people that we work with daily is of utmost importance. Sustainability to us means ensuring that future coffee farming generations are left with fertile land and the opportunity to carry on family traditions and businesses.

What Sets Zephyr Apart?

We are commitment to adding true value through the entire coffee supply chain, overseeing every product journey from the field to the roastery. We’ve pulled and poured, roasted and sold. And with this direct experience, we've placed an emphasis on quality control and traceability to appropriately link our roasters with the best coffee product for their needs.

Unwavering Integrity
Unwavering Integrity
Meaningful Partnerships
Meaningful Partnerships
Commitment to Quality
Commitment to Quality


Founded in New Orleans as one of the first specialty importers


Sourcing from over 20 coffee growing countries


Zephyr office moves to Connecticut


Zephyr Japan opens its doors in Kyoto


New sourcing partnerships in Bolivia, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Team Zephyr grows by 3.


Zephyr establishes new partnership in Kenya and begins building micro-mill