Decaf Coffee

The Rise of Decaf

Decaf drinkers no longer need to lament over a lack of flavor in their decaf cup. Like all things in coffee, amazing developments are changing the space. Gone are poor manufacturing processes, high costs and limited choices for quality green decaf. A well-roasted, well-brewed cup of decaf made from specialty beans is now equivalent to drinking a regular cup of Joe.

Zephyr Coffee is proud to offer a wide variety of decaffeinated coffees in our inventory. Our offerings range from naturally processed Sugar Cane Decaf to fully traceable Water Processed coffees, all of which meet our high standards for excellence in cup quality and traceability. These curated lots of decaffeinated coffee undergo constant and rigorous quality assessments throughout the decaffeination process to ensure that the coffees unique flavors and characteristics are retained.

Water Process Decaffeination

Known by many names, water processed decaffeination is a revolutionary decaffeination process that is completely free from chemical solvents. The key ingredient in any water processed decaffeination is the Green Coffee Extract (GCE). Every water processing facility has their own proprietary GCE, which is used in lieu of chemical solvents during the decaffeination process. The GCE is a water solution that is heavily saturated with coffee flavor compounds, which is created by soaking an initial batch of green coffee that is not designed for decaffeination. This GCE serves as the basis for water decaffeination, using the naturally occurring flavor compounds as the decaffeination agent instead of relying on chemical-based solvents.

Swiss Water Process

The Swiss Water Process is the original method of water decaffeination, pioneered at a small facility located in the Swiss Alps. Today, the facility is located in Vancouver, British Colombia, where Swiss Water operates a cutting edge, organic certified and solvent-free decaffeination plant. It operates completely free of any inorganic chemicals. At this facility, water is pulled from glacial reserves of the Canadian Costal Mountains.

Swiss Water is the world’s only consumer branded decaffeination method, and their brand name is recognized internationally as producers of high quality, good tasting, decaf coffee.

Mountain Water Process

The Mountain Water Process is the patented water decaffeination method of Descamex. Coffee decaffeination takes place at Descamex's ultra-modern facility in Mexico. They use only the purest, freshest glacial water from the highest peaks in Mexico in their decaffeination process. While Descamex utilizes a chemical-free water decaffeination process, they also harvest the raw caffeine decaffeination by-product, which means it is not a chemical-free facility.

Mountain Water Processed coffee is quickly gaining recognition for their exceptional tasting decaf coffee, which is often regarded as some of the best decaf available.


The first step of water decaffeination is soaking the green coffee in hot water to expand the coffee's more pores, making it easier to extract caffeine.


The caffeine and flavor-oil saturated water is passed through multiple rounds of carbon filtering.


The now caffeine-free green coffee is removed from the water solution, and dried before packing and shipping.