Coffee & Climate Change

Happy Friday and belated Earth Day, coffee community!  Yesterday we did some great reading on climate change, coffee, and how the two affect one another. Coffee, as many of us already know, is a multi-billion dollar industry that supports economies in dozens of coffee producing countries. According to The Economist, roughly 100 million farmers depend on […]

Celebrating Women in Coffee

As we near the end of women’s history month, we reflect on all the distinguished and talented women who play vital parts in the coffee supply chain, and remind ourselves that the month of March is not the only time to appreciate a demographic that is responsible for carrying out over 70% of the labor in […]

The Revival of Yemeni Coffee

We had the special opportunity to talk with Faris Sheibani, CEO and founder of Qima Coffee, based in London. My chat with Faris was meant to be a casual investigation on Yemeni coffee – but what unraveled instead was an inspiring story-telling session – rich with namesake, history, perseverance, and innovation. In 2016, Faris established Qima Coffee […]