The Rise of Decaf

Decaf drinkers no longer need to lament over a lack of flavor in their decaf cup. Like all things coffee, amazing developments are changing the space. Gone are poor manufacturing processes, high costs and limited choices for quality green decaf. A well-roasted, well-brewed cup of decaf made from specialty beans is now equivalent to drinking a regular cup of joe.

At Zephyr, we are proud to offer Swiss Water processed decaf coffees in our inventory. Swiss water is a groundbreaking and unique process that sets itself apart from other decaffeination processing methods. In order to decaffeinate green coffee, many processing methods utilize solvents that have been found to be potentially harmful for human consumption.

The Swiss Water process sets itself apart by only using water and specially designed activated charcoal filters to decaffeinate green coffee beans. The process begins by soaking the green coffee in boiling water for 10 hours, extracting the water soluble caffeine, as well as the sugars and oils that provide the coffee’s distinct flavor. This “green coffee extract” is then passed through the activated charcoal filter, which is designed to only capture larger caffeine molecules while allowing smaller oil and flavor molecules to pass through. At this point, the flavorless caffeine-free beans are discarded, and the green coffee extract is then reused to decaffeinate the next batch of beans. This green coffee extract contains no caffeine, but is fully saturated with the flavor molecules from the first batch. Thus, the caffeine dissolves out of the beans through the second boiling process, but the original flavors and sugars remain intact, never separating from the coffee.

To ensure the quality and sustainability of the product, we source superior coffee in small batches, which is decaffeinated by people we trust. Zephyr Coffee carries amazing specialty decaf blends and single origins, not only the traditional washed milds, but also natural and honey-processed coffees. Our unique decaf offerings maintain all of the original flavor characteristics of their origin, varietal, and processing method.

Already have a great direct supplier at origin? We are happy to organize decaffeination for you. We provide logistic services that take the stress out of arranging decaffeination, and we are more than happy to accommodate any request. Contact us for samples of a variety of different decaf coffees that we have in inventory.